Army skillport login registration guide

These are two different Army e-learning systems. Find the e-mail from SkillPort and open it. That sounds much better right. Your login will be your AKO e-mail address without the us. I can typically do an hour course in about 5 minutes.

Fill out the information needed to send your password to your AKO e-mail. These promotion points fall under the category of military education. The tests require you to pass with one time through. Business Administration or Management. You also have to get a passing score in each section to pass. Once you have completed a course, the little green dot will show up to the right of the course title as seen below.

If you are currently a Sergeant, you can max out your Correspondence Courses at 84 promotion points for Staff Sergeant. Skillport does not require you to log in with your CAC. How to Register for Army Online Courses For complete instructions on how to register for and log in to the Army E-learning systems, click a link below.

Army Skillport courses use the Skillport website to complete the courses. Don't put it off until the moment when you realize you are close to being promotable.

If you do not have any Civilian Education promotion points, you may want to do the Skillport courses that have ACE college credit recomendations.

You should be on this screen after Step 4. Exam fees are not refundable. You will need it. When Can I Start.

There typically is no way to just take the test and pass unless you have extensive knowledge in that area. By doing them, you get your Military Education promotion points and you can also use them for Civilian Education promotion points.

I can typically do an hour course in about 5 minutes. You should be on this screen after Step 4. Business Writing Essentials Study Area: If you're going to do Skillport courses, why not get the added benefit of free college credits too.

If you are currently a Specialist or Corporal, you can max out your Correspondence Courses at 78 promotion points for Sergeant. I highly recommend you do so before you become an NCO. There is almost never a reason to sit through the whole course and waste your time.

These promotion points fall under the category of military education.

Skillport Army E-learning for Twice as Many Promotion Points

You can find out how many hours each course is before you start by looking at the course information. I suggest trying to Microsoft courses since most people have knowledge about Excel, PowerPoint and Word. They tend to be the easiest and most people have some knowledge of Miscrosoft Word, Powerpoint and Excel.

I personally started doing correspondence courses before I left for basic. Business Writing or Business Communications. Late arrivals may forfeit their appointment and testing fees. Was this helpful. If you have additional courses, click on Add a Course and then follow the instructions above to add another course.

It is important that you read this information carefully. This will be the first page you get to and is the Skillport Army login page. Browse through the courses and decide on one to take.

Skillport Army Courses - The Complete Guide

Contractor/State Employee Skillport Request Form. 1. Fill out request form. All personnel must have an account in ATCTS at 2.

Have the registration form signed by your Government POC at the bottom of this form. Skillport request will be processed with days if form is filled out correctly. Include the complete. the registration process is to complete your profile in SkillPort.

Click on the “My Profile” link in the upper right corner of the screen and then click on the menu option “Update Your User Profile.” Some of the information willbe pre-populated from the login page. Provide (or confirm) information for each of the required fields: a. Welcome to the Army e-Learning Program, a distributed learning system program.

Enter your username and password to sign in. R.

Us Army Skillport Login Page

No, even if you have an AKO account, only Army employees are eligible to register for Army eLearning. Each service has their own eLearning Program and that is why they are restricted to their respective employees. Q. I registered for Army e-Learning.

YOU ARE ACCESSING A U.S. GOVERNMENT (USG) INFORMATION SYSTEM (IS) THAT IS PROVIDED FOR USG-AUTHORIZED USE ONLY. The AKO Classic portal will sunset on 26 September In order to avoid data loss, all users are encouraged to download and migrate their personal and organizational files from AKO Classic to AKO at their earliest opportunity.

[email protected] or call or email [email protected] Q. Every time I try to log into SkillPort, my ID and password are accepted but I receive the message “Login in progress – please wait” and it .

Army skillport login registration guide
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