Fondant icing

Sculpting fondant is similar to rolled fondant but with a stiffer consistency, which makes it a good sculpting material. Thus, they will be stiff and will not soften after being placed on a cake.

If necessary, add drops of water and knead it in thoroughly before proceeding. I keep a clean, soft pastry brush close by, to move the cornstarch around.

How to Make Fondant Icing

In short, it is used as a filling or coating for cakes, pastries and various types of sweets. And I think ganache would do the same as it softens. Royal icing is used in wedding cakes, Christmas cakes, gingerbread houses and many other cakes and cookies.

Remember that food coloring can also stain your hands and nails. Prepare the fondant mixture. What is Fondant Fondant is an edible icing used to decorate cakes and pastries.

I keep a clean, soft pastry brush close by, to move the cornstarch around. If fondant has been stored in the refrigerator: The cornstarch will prevent the fondant from sticking.

In India, marzipan is made with cashews. Transform fondant icing into dimensional objects such as flowers, cartoon characters and ribbons. Prepare big elements of decoration beforehand.


I have never done it, but I was told that you just gently bend the mat edges downward with the icing still on it. Shape them the way you like. You should also have a bit of overhang over the edges. Originally Posted by ConfectionsCC as far as I know, you don't have to have a crusting bc under fondant, I could be wrong though because I use a crusting recipe.

This mixture is cooked and poured into cakes or deserts. I often have a little pile of the cornstarch on the counter and dip my hands in it as needed. Fondant offers a satin-like finish to cakes, cupcakes and even sugar cookies.

This sugary dough is kneaded, rolled and smoothed onto the surface of a pastry and allows bakers more durability than traditional frosting. Can you please give a recipe for making basic fondant at home? I saw a lot of recipes in many sites but I am still unable to make it correctly.

I live in India and ready made fondant is unavailable too. Also can you tell me the correct procedure to add color to the fondant. Thank you. Sep 05,  · How to Color Fondant. In this Article: Article Summary Preparing the Workspace Preparing the Fondant Adding the coloring Choosing Fondant Coloring Community Q&A Plain fondant can be colored to any color you need using the technique shown here.

You can fully color the fondant or create a marble effect. For the fondant – There are many different fondant recipes out there.

I prefer to use a marshmallow fondant because it is very user friendly.

Difference Between Fondant and Royal Icing

LOL I don’t particularly care for the taste of any fondant (it is very sweet) but it sure does make your cakes gorgeous.

What is fondant icing? Fondant icing is actually the same thing as sugar paste. It can be bought as plain white icing, or you can colour it yourself with a gel colourant.

Fondant icing

How to frost a professional looking cake with pourable faux fondant icing in minutes– with store bought icing!Get a smooth cake frosting finish for birthday cakes, wedding shower and .

Fondant icing
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