Due to the anime catching up to the manga on a regular basis, series-long filler arcs were created. Despite compressing quite a bit of manga into 25 episodes, some anime-original content is employed to maintain the pace of each episodes, such as more character interaction within the th's top ten members.

Fan response has been mixed; some people see it as a useless waste of time and ignore it while for others, it's one of their favorite story arcs.

Mohawk makes heavy use of incorporation, as in: The various languages of the Quechua group alone have 5 million speakers.


The Bount Arc was the first filler arc, occurring immediately after the end of the Soul Society arc. NanoMobil InGermany, through its Federal Ministry of Education and Research BMBFestablished a specific nanotechnology funding program — NanoMobil — in connection with automotive technologies and in order to keep the German car industry and its suppliers competitive.

Barry Morgan's World of Organs

Probably more intentional than other examples, as Tolkien was writing the novel as a mythological epic, a group whose numbers tend to include a string of events that are related almost solely by the central characters and the backdrop of their quest.

An illustration from Yupik Eskimo-Aleut family is the single word kaipiallrulliniuk, made up of the pieces kaig-piar-llru-llini-u-k [be.

Nawatl Uto-AztecanUna Canger This has led to lots of filler episodes. Centro Ricerche FIAT The quickly emerging hybrid car sector not only uses batteries to store energy for the electric drive mode, it also pushes recuperation technologies, i. The words moccasin, squash, squaw, and toboggan, like the majority of Indian loans into English, are from Algonquian languages; chocolate, from Aztec, tobacco, from Taino, and condor, from Quechua, are examples of words that were borrowed first into Spanish and then into English.

Native American languages[ edit ] In the early twentieth century, William James Sidis claimed that all native American languages hold a holophrastic structure. Deictics and other spatial and temporal relations are also very common among these bound morphemes in affixally polysynthetic languages.

Shin at the end of the season. Alaskan languages and some as far south as California have Russian loans, for instance, dating from the time of extensive trade with Russia, and borrowings from Spanish are common throughout California, the Southwest, and, of course, Latin America.

Issue 8 was a one-shot where Frank travels back in time to kill Al Capone though it all turns out to be a dream and issues featured the "Taxi Wars" arc, which was considerably sillier as well as Lighter and Softer and more over-the-top then any of the other stories in the Marvel Knights run as it centers around a villain called "The Medallion" who wants control of all Taxi cabs in New York.

Quite a few American Indian languages have nasalized vowels. Mohawk has some fifty-odd of these pronominal prefixes that express subject-object combinations; and a prefix is mandatory on every verb. Although not as much as Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh.

Nanotechnology in the automotive industry

There was actually an episode in which Gin-san explains to the others what the staff could do in the case of the anime catching up with the manga, and one of the solutions was to make a filler. Polysynthesis in Nuuchahnulth, a Wakashan language, Toshihide Nakayama.

Holophrasis is the prelinguistic use of a single word to express a complex idea. A holophrase may resemble an interjection, but whereas an interjection is linguistic, and has a specific grammatical function, a holophrase is simply a vocalization memorized by rote and used without grammatical intent.


Polysynthetic definition, (of a language) characterized by a prevalence of relatively long words containing a large number of affixes to express syntactic relationships and meanings. Many American Indian languages are polysynthetic.

See more. In their closed-off underground village, Kamina and Simon chafe at the limits imposed by the village elder. Yet all this will change, when Simon stumbles across a fantastic device - just as the village's peace is broken by a violent intrusion.

Polysynthesism definition is - the uniting of many parts into one: a high degree of synthesis; specifically: a grammatical practice of some languages (as American Indian) of combining word elements into a single word that is equivalent to a sentence in other languages.

The Adyge people are one of the Circassian peoples, along with the Cherkess (of Karachay-Cherkessia) and Kabards (of Kabardino-Balkaria), from whom they are geographically separated by the Slav-inhabited Laba region.

The languages of the Adygeans, Cherkess and Kabards are mutually intelligible, however, there is a consensus that these are typologically distinct languages.

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Native American Languages