Wining strategy of indigo airlines

True, Ghosh and his team run an innovative and nimble airline. Their primary goal is to serve the routes where demand is high and profitability is high. It implies that it is a very concentrated industry. The credit goes to co-founder Rakesh Gangwal, a veteran of nearly 35 years in the airline business see The Reclusive IndiGo Promoter --last page.

Khatri of KPMG says there is another possibility why cash incentives are subtracted from lease rentals. The amount of such incentives that can be claimed in future is Rs 1, crore, or Rs The cost of putting up a message in dead space is nothing but it is another medium through which they communicate with their passengers.

The eventual aim of any airline the size of IndiGo across the world is to edge out competition and make them vacate markets after which the airline can price itself high and make steady profits.

On a net basis, IndiGo still gains as lease rentals drops, boosting profits. Except Indigo, the other 2 players have been in the losses most of the times. Thus the first characteristic, Focus is all about execution of key factors that the organization has raised in its strategic canvas.

He points to Accounting Standard 19, which deals with sale and lease back transactions. The brand Indigo which is known for on time service is a reputation that Indigo has built over a period of time and it is not something that the competitors could 13 easily imitate.

This obviously helps them to cut down costs and ultimately drives up their profits. Indigo is the first airlines to place order for the Airbus Aneo family which were received and started operations recently.

A very good example can be spice jet, which recently turned profitable, thanks to some of the best processes it adopted from 20 successful airlines.

On how IndiGo continues to deliver profits, Ghosh said the customers are rewarding his airline for focussing on a product that is basic, simple, even boring. More important, the D-Check the most comprehensive check for a plane approaches around that time.

Because of the scarcity of pilots, new entrants have to pay high salaries to attract the experienced pilots from incumbent companies. They also operate on a hub and spoke model enabling them to fly to different destinations across India.

Oct 9th, Younger fleet offer higher engineering efficiency and breakdown less often, helping the planes run on time. Gangwal, cofounder and promoter of IndiGo, is a true-blue aviation veteran.

IndiGo Chief Commercial Officer steps down

To start an airline company, lot of permissions and licenses required from civil aviation ministry, environmental department, department of transport and other related departments. As a financial model, sale and leaseback is popular among no-frills airlines for the flexibility it renders to keep balance sheets light.

Using one type of aircraft helps IndiGo keep operations simple. Oct 10, Indigo has a Power by the Hour contract with International Aero Engines IAE who supply the engines that put the responsibility of performance on the manufacturer.

The airline has long been a subject of interest for air travellers and financial analysts alike.


A fuel hedge contract allows a company to establish a fixed cost. Mama the aviation expert says returning aircraft to leasing companies after five or six years helps. IndiGo closely monitors turnaround time and fixes tough targets; currently, it gets an aircraft ready for its next flight in 30 minutes which is the least in the industry.

Dec 22,These checks generally take up to 2 months during which the aircraft remains inoperable 4. After AirAsia started a week-long sale offering promotional tickets priced as low as all-inclusive on travel dates between June 10,and January 17,Indigo announced special fares starting as low as 1, all-inclusive.

In environmentally fragile areas, we might support the community and its tourism-reliant economy by protecting endangered species.

Where is the ‘Brand’ Indigo Airlines Headed?

Typically, Indigo matches promotions of this kind on weaker routes. That tactic would help tide over the sudden multi-fold increase in capacity. Such contracts lead to a reduced inventory of spares, also indigo rarely face the need to pull out their planes for repairs.

Indigo has one of the quickest turnaround time of 30 minutes. But, since others a catching up, it will become a source of competitive parity in some time. This means Indigo keeps its aircraft in the air for a longer period of time and saves on airport charges.

Published: Mon, 5 Dec Indigo airlines are planning to introduce new promotional offers for the potential customers. The aim of the organisation is to increase the current market share by at least 30%.The goal of this marketing plan is to outline a new marketing strategy to attract the potential customers from other airlines, to attract the first time.

For its part, IndiGo airlines managed complexity to help it thrive in the downturn. The airlines single-minded focus on delivering market-leading on-time performance and running a no-fuss, low-cost-carrier model helped it rise to the top of an industry at a time of great turbulence for everyone.

At a chance interaction, the HR head of a large corporate told me that they have a. Indian airline IndiGo said it plans to start flying smaller planes to second-tier towns and cities later this year, in a shift in strategy for the carrier that has prided itself on.

The secret of Indigo’s consistent profits

IndiGo plans to serve approximately 30 Indian cities bywith a fleet of approximately 40 As.1 Below are the key factors of the business model of IndiGo airlines: • • • A single passenger class.

Sanjay Kumar, Chief Commercial Officer of IndiGo, has resigned from the airline, with effect from July 15 to pursue other career interests, the airline said in a statement.

Wining strategy of indigo airlines
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